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13711 W Old Baltimore Rd Boyd’s, MD 20841
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  • Metropolitan Painting, LLC has a team of the most reliable, responsible and hardworking house painters to make your painting experience a pleasant one. We have worked tirelessly in your community, building a solid reputation and an atmosphere of respect. Our customers are our best advertising. Keep our customers happy, let them tell others. Waiting for you to join them and become a customer too!
    Metropolitan Painting, LLC wants you to know:
  • Our team always takes pride in our work and guarantees that you will receive the best possible quality indoor or outdoor painting service.
  • Our team is a team of great men, who have been with the company for many years.
  • Our experienced team consists of professional and reliable house painters who provide quality results at all times.
  • We will treat your home with the same care that we treat our own homes and we will not be happy until you do.
  • No stress, no drama equipment – Fast, fast and friendly!

Customer Reviews

You guys are awesome! My dad said we needed to hire a residential painting company for our new house, and a friend of mine said he knew just the company for us. I'm really excited about the fresh new look of our interior, we all love the work you did for us!

Charles D.
Charles D.Forest Hills, MD

You people are no painters, you are artists! The first time I walked into the living room, I felt like I stepped into a different home. The vibrant colors really gave the room character! I was also glad to see your employees cleaning up after themselves, even though we haven't discussed it. Mark of a true professional painting contractor!

Arthur L.
Arthur L.Forest Hills, DC

Just wanted to congratulate you on your exceptional exterior painting service! My house was in dire need of a nice coat of a paint, and your company delivered it!

Jim R.
Jim R.Forest Hills, AV